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Now that Cage Match has reviewed every Nic Cage movie released to date, what’s next for the project?

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Where do we go from here?

Posted January 5, 2015

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve covered every movie.

First of all, if you’ve read a single word of this project, thank you, whoever you are. You made it worthwhile. It was fun to complete, and encouraging to know we weren’t alone. Everyone on the staff of Cage Match genuinely thanks you.

At this point we’ve watched and written about every completed, domestically available movie that includes Nicolas Cage as an actor (thereby excluding the failed 1981 TV pilot Best of Times and a made-for-TV movie called Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Brokenhearted, starring Cage and Laura Dern and directed by David Lynch which was sort of a precursor to Wild at Heart). So what now?

First, we will continue to review Nic Cage movies as long as Nic Cage keeps making them. Since his movie career began in 1982, he has appeared in an average of two to three films per year. IMDB currently lists four movies in production with Cage in the cast, including a reprise as Grug in a sequel to The Croods, and a movie called Pay the Ghost that involves Cage in a cowboy costume. When new movies come out, we’ll review them here.

Additionally, we have plans for a monograph that summarizes our findings and the conclusions we’ve come to after watching every Cage movie. It will be a long form piece, and it will include graphs. It will answer the question we set out to know: whether Nicolas Cage is a good or bad actor. We have the data at hand, rumination and number crunching are all we lack.

Finally, many people have asked what will follow Cage Match. More than a few have wondered whether we would undertake the same journey with another actor. We’ve toyed with the idea. We even came up with some clever theme names, like “Hanks for the Memories.” Right now, all we know is that more of some kind of writing is to come. There will be more pop culture musings, because there are questions out there to be answered and the staff of Cage Match seems uniquely weird enough to seek those answers. Will it be something new and different? Probably. But time will tell.

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